Ospika, Luxury Apartment


We had an exciting project at Ospika Luxury Apartments on 474 Ospika Boulevard in Prince George, B.C. Our fourth-grade class got to learn all about this amazing place! Ospika Luxury Apartments are in a big, beautiful building with lots of floors. They have a pool, a gym, and even a rooftop garden! It’s like a dream come true.

Our project was to learn about the different parts of the apartment building. We made colorful drawings and wrote descriptions of each area. Some of us learned about the lobby, where people check in and out. Others focused on the swimming pool and how much fun it would be to swim there.
We also learned about the gym, where people can work out and stay healthy. And the rooftop garden? Wow, it’s like a mini forest on top of a building! We had a blast working on our Ospika Luxury Apartment project. It’s such an amazing place, and we can’t wait to visit it someday!